This page has been kindly provided by Thomas Borjeson ( I enclose his e mail to allow members grater understanding of the document origin. It may well be of use to some K1 owners. Your feedback would be appreciated.

I would really appreciate, if you think that this document might be of interest to many K1 users and have time to revise the document. There may be some parts in the text that may create more frustration than help. Here are some points that may need a review.

  • K1 may appear to be problematic. None of the listed problems are theoretical, but I have actually managed to make all these mistakes. However, I may not be a representative K1 user. I have earlier sailed keelboats (including Elvström 717), but never a regular sailing dinghy.

  • I may not be representative either, as I use the boat as a mini yacht and cannot take part in club sailing.

  • The K1 class already has de facto ways to handle different things, after eg conversations between different club members.

  • I know that, for example, the jib and keel have changed since my K1 was manufactured. This should be noted, but I do not know exactly how these solutions affect the functions.

  • Here you have to use ramps built for motor boat trailers. There are some special ramps for dinghies, but these always seem to end just below the water surface. I have seen videos that K1 is often launched as ordinary dinghies, ie with a raised mainsail.

  • I may use equipment that is not the recommended solution. Perhaps the cleat  for the mainsheet is one of these.

  • Google translate can’t handle sailing terms and maybe I have misunderstood some of them when I manually entered them in the text (the grammar may of cause also be bad)

I have included a copyright mark in the text, but this is only to protect the document from commercial use. Any other use that can support the K1 class is fully permitted, including using the structure to make a new document with better text and images.

Kind regards