The members area is under construction at present but will include:

  • Documents (NOR etc) from past events
  • Past winners/champions (open meeting and nationals)
  • K1 constitution
  • Archieve
  • Association minutes/ notices/reports
  • Boat handling and tuning tips
  • Tips and advice from leading K1 sailors
  • Tuning video
  • interviews
  • Misc
  • Hints on sailing at different venues with pics, maps etc
  • Where to source spares, sails etc
  • Boats names with the origin of the name




Leave a comment if you wish to be sent an email once this page is up and running.


    chris queree
    April 2, 2015

    Would liketo know as it is important to get it onto big tent.
    glad to see the galleries, all good stuff.
    happy to run bug tent alongside but also happy to close big teht when we have the capabilty here on this site.

  2. Tony Hunt
    November 10, 2015

    Please e-mail me when it’s up and running.


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