Wimbleball K1 open 2019

On March 23rd Wimbleball Sailing Club hosted the first K1 open meeting of 2019. An overcast day and a NE wind of 15-18 mph and gusts of 25mph gave the competitors a great days sailing. Visitors from Tewkesbury SC, Bartley Green SC, Frensham Pond SC, and Lyme Regis SC and the seven K1 sailors at Wimbleball SC made up a fleet of 12.

Our race officer Chris Dyer set the course 8- 4- X, close racing with Simon Hawkes 1st (WSC) leading the fleet followed by Paul Birbeck 2nd  (WSC),  Gordon Keyworth 3rd  (WSC),  Guy Woodhouse 4th (Lyme Regis SC) and Hilly King 5th (Frensham SC).

The fleet came in for an excellent meal made by Steve Sharp a club Member.

2nd Race a new course 9-10-X giving almost a mile beat and run, Simon Hawkes in 1st followed by Paul Birbeck 2nd, Guy Woodhouse 3rd and Gordon Keyworth 4th Hilly King 5th

3rd Race a new course 7-4-1 Yes its Simon Hawkes out in front followed by Gordon Keyworth 2nd Paul Birbeck 3rd Hilly King 4th and Guy Woodhouse 5th

Congratulations to Paul Handley for designing the K1 what an amazing dinghy. On the day after the K1 Open, K1’s finish 1st 3rd 4th and 7th in the Exmoor Beastie 3 hour pursuit race.  Another great dinghy the RS Aero was the only intruder.

Thank you all for attending and you are very welcome to visit Wimbleball SC and race any Sunday of the year.

Colin Allen


K1 Open Results


2019 Exmoor Beastie

On the day after the K1 Open, K1’s finish 1st 3rd 4th and 7th in the Exmoor Beastie 3 hour pursuit race.  Another great dinghy the RS Aero was the only intruder.

Thank you all for attending and you are very welcome to visit Wimbleball SC and race any Sunday of the year.

Colin Allen


Windermere open 2019

South Windermere Sailing Club (SWSC) at the south end of Lake Windermere welcomed the K1 fleet to a weekend of racing in its beautiful surroundings and unique conditions.


R1 on Saturday was sailed in a northerly F1-2, gradually, and sometimes quite abruptly swinging to the North West, and back again.
Visitor Geoff King got a great start, so great he had to go back and do it again. Hilly King from Frensham Pond seemed to take to the shifty conditions, and led pretty much the rest of the race to win  comfortably, with locals Mike Deane and Jack Thompson following in 2nd and 3rd.

R2 started as a bit of a drifter, and then got worse.  Hilly King again seemed to have it under control, and gradually drifted away from the fleet, and looked good for the win until about 100yds from the finish. At that
point a little bit of breeze came in from behind, some from the NW and some
from the NE, and all the competitors closed up the point that they were pretty much all in a line. In the last 40yds there were at least 4 different leaders and at the finish line it had to be the closest finish ever recorded. 1st to 7th finished within a few seconds, and it literally took a photo finish to sort it out.  Mike Deane poked his bow out in front to take the win, followed by Gordon Keyworth and David Pritchitt.

Sunday started with a bit more breeze, this time from the NE. Race 1 was a clean but very close start, and everyone remained closely bunched on the beat. Hilly’s luck (or preparation?) ran out as his jib halyard snapped and his jib fell down. Steve Conway then managed to pull out a lead of nearly a leg on lap 1 but locals Jack and Mike gradually reeled him, and had a close dice, with Jack leading at the gun.

The wind then swang more to the east. However there is no such thing as an easterly at South Windermere because as the wind comes over Gummers Howe it becomes more of a downdraft than a wind. It didn’t stop a the fleet being over eager at the start of R4, resulting in the first general recall of the weekend. After the next start Hilly played the shifts in the middle of the lake to get a good lead by the windward mark. But Jack Thompson again started to work his way through the fleet, and gained a place each lap, until the last lap where he took a lift up the centre of the lake and into the lead. Jack had a very nervous run down to the finish though, as the fleet again closed right up behind him, but he kept ahead for his second win of the day. Geoff King slipped through into 2nd with Hilly 3rd.

Overall Jack took a well deserved win, with Mike on the same points but 2nd on countback, with Hilly 3rd.

A fun weekend was had by all, including the spectators and race crews.

For more photographs please view in gallery.

Results at: https://www.swsailing.co.uk/series/2116

K1 Travellers at Teign Corinthian Yacht Club

by Michael Commander 13 May 10:45 BST12 May 2019

K1 Travelllers at Teign Corinthian © Heather Davies
The eight visitors that made it to south Devon were greeted by wall to wall sunshine over the weekend of May 11 and 12. This was the order of the day for all the sailors that came to Coombe Cellars on the south bank of the River Teign.

The visitors were able to join in the club racing on the Saturday while watching loads of club youngsters enjoy a river treasure hunt on their River Teign Adventure. On Sunday three back to back races were planned and executed by our race officer Steve Pocock no doubt helped by the steady 12 knot easterly which was reinforced by the sea breeze coming up the valley champagne sailing!

Race 1 got underway with a clean start with two boats getting away from the bunch up the first beat. Ian Duke was closing in on the windward mark when Mike Commander ducked his transom and a short while later tacked on starboard and able to lead around the first mark. Sailing four laps of a triangle, sausage course Mike was able to build on his lead each lap and finished first with Ian second and Geoff King third.

Race 2 followed a similar pattern but this time Gordon Keyworth gave chase to Mike. The first beat saw Gordon head left into the main channel while Mike played the middle of the course. The left clearly paid as Gordon had lovely lift coming in to the top mark and headed off on the triangle with Mike chasing hard. The second reach saw Gordon defend his lead as he pushed over to the south bank of the river and both ended up running down to the leeward mark. Again Gordon headed left up the beat only to fluff his rounding and let Mike through who mistakenly thought he was on a triangle and both sailed off to the wing mark. Fortunately for them they both had such a lead over the rest of the fleet that James Stevenson couldn’t capitalise even though he sailed the correct down-wind leg.

Race 3 saw some aggressive starting with James, Jeff Vander Borght and Mike all vying for the committee boat end of the line. Realising there was no room at the committee boat Mike ducked both as Jeff squeezed James up and the wrong side of the race officer. The extra pace bearing away saw Mike sail close up under the lee of Jeff and away he went to record his third bullet of the series.

Huge thank-you to the race management team at TCYC and all the helpers on and off the water that made it such an enjoyable weekend. Even had people saying they now wanted to move down to Devon! Success.

Overall Results:

Pos Helm Sail No Club R1 R2 R3 Pts
1st Mike Commander 103 TCYC ‑1 1 1 2
2nd Gordon Keyworth 129 Wimbleball SC ‑6 2 2 4
3rd Ian Duke 73 Datchet Water SC 2 ‑5 4 6
4th Geoff King 115 Tewkesbury C & S 3 ‑4 3 6
5th James Stevenson 85 TCYC 5 3 (DNS) 8
6th Geoff Vander Borght 127 Lyme Regis SC 4 6 (RET) 10
7th Graham Blackwell 52 Bartley SC ‑7 7 5 12
8th David Pritchett 105 Rutland SC 8 ‑9 6 14
9th Steve Conway 146 Rutland SC ‑9 8 7 15
10th Colin Allen 25 Wimbleball SC 10 10 (DNC) 20
K1 Travelllers at Teign Corinthian - photo © Heather Davies

Snell’s K1 sweeps the Weston Grand Slam

by Andy Rice 23 Apr 10:12 BST20-21 April 2019

Weston Grand Slam 2019 ©Jonny Howe

Weston Grand Slam 2019 ©Jonny Howe
Weston Grand Slam 2019 © Jonny Howe

Weston Grand Slam 2019 © Jonny Howe

Andrew Snell’s K1 keelboat won the Weston Grand Slam convincingly on a tropical and light airs Easter weekend in Southampton Water. With 48 entries, this was the first tidal event in the Great British Sailing Challenge calendar and an opportunity for monohull dinghies, multihulls and small keelboats all to compete against each other. At times, all boat types had a sniff of the front of the fleet but the dying breeze ultimately suited the momentum of Snell’s K1.

The main event over Saturday and Sunday was preceded by the Rooster Time Trials on Good Friday. A bit like the qualifying session of a Formula One grand prix, the aim is to clock the fastest time (under handicap) around the course. There was a window between 12pm and 3pm, with many of the fast boats waiting ashore in the belief that the final hour would bring a good sea breeze, whilst the slow boats headed out early. In the end the breeze died as the sea and land breeze battled it out, meaning the fastest laps recorded early on. It was a local Enterprise that benefited from the lighter breezes, with Christopher and Kayleigh Spencer winning the Rooster Time Trials.

One of the opportunities of the Great British Sailing Challenge events is to hold your own open meetings and championships within the bigger event. The Hadron H2 class chose the Saturday of the Weston Grand Slam for their own open meetings and seven boats contested the day. In the end it was very close between Dave Barker and Richard Leftley who had a photo finish in R2 which had to be resolved with SailRacer GPS trackers and recorded positions, meaning Barker won overall.

As for the massed fleet, race one took place in the best breeze of Saturday, as the occasional gust wafted across the course at about 10 knots. Race one was won on corrected time by Ralph and Sophie Singleton in their RS800 ahead of John Tuckwell’s Nacra Carbon 20 from Bala. Just six handicap seconds behind the foiling catamaran was Snell’s singlehanded keelboat with the Formula 18s of Grant Piggott/ Simon Farren and Simon Northrop/ Caleb Cooper in fifth and sixth.

With the wind beginning to die for Race 2, the fast catamarans struggled to match their handicap performance of the earlier heat, although Tuckwell still managed fourth on corrected time. Snell’s K1 was really coming into its won, dominating the race while Steve and Sarah Cockerill finished 2nd in their RS400 ahead of Val Millward’s Challenger trimaran.

Race 3 was even more of a drifter which again gave Snell the victory, this time ahead of Rich Vincent’s RS Aero 9 and Dave Barker’s Hadron H2.


Rutland Sailing Club

K1s at Rutland SC. 1st . &  2nd June. 2019

The K1 fleet met at Rutland over the weekend of 1st. & 2nd. June. Four of the local sailors were joined by six visitors to enjoy some exciting racing , completing six races  over the two days with warm weather and varying wind conditions.

On Saturday winds were light to moderate from the SW. The race officer John Fothergill decided on a windward-leeward course as being best suited to the conditions. After some delay due to the shifting winds, the fleet got away with David Pritchett taking a clear lead to the windward mark. However, it turned out to be a flash in the pan and was soon overtaken by Hilly King and David Hume , closely followed by Ian Duke and Geoff King. Hilly King lead for most of the race but the wind died on the last downwind leg and David Hume claimed the win followed by Ian Duke and Hilly and Geoff King. Race two got under way shortly afterwards with the winds freshening and the competitors getting more familiar with the course by using both sides of the downwind gate with the King brothers dominating the race  and it was only at the final buoy that Hilly got a much needed overlap to take the win closely followed by Geoff and Ian took third .Race three followed in similar conditions and this time David Hume held Ian at bay with Geoff taking a close third.

Sunday gave much stronger winds – force 4-5 gusting to six again from the SW moving to S. The race officer decided on a traditional triangle-sausage-triangle course and the racing got away on time. Hilly , David , Ian and Geoff all took turns at the front but it was David who claimed line honours closely followed by Hilly and Geoff took third .

Race 5 was sailed in increasing winds and interesting gusts. This time Geoff got a flyer and was well clear of the chasers. Hilly slowly narrowed the gap throughout the race but it looked like Geoff would take line honours. The last reach to the finish was a screamer and Hilly just claimed the win by a bow from Geoff and Ian claimed third. The final race was sailed in similar conditions and this time Hilly built up a comfortable lead which he held to the finish. The real race was for second where Ian and Geoff had a battle royal knowing that the whoever won that battle would be placed third overall. Ian claimed second and Geoff third.

Hilly King of Frensham Pond SC was the overall winner and also winner of the K1 Midland Trophy. David Hume of Broxbourne SC was second with Ian Duke of Datchet SC third and Geoff King from Tewkesbury C and SC fourth The gap between second and fourth was only two points showing how close the racing was over a super weekend.

All agreed Rutland is a superb location and the race management was excellent The K1 fleet also enjoyed the hospitality of the Flying Fifteen fleet, who were having their National Championships at the same time. We were invited to a Pimm’s reception on the lawn on Saturday evening followed by an excellent dinner. All visitors said they would certainly return to Rutland in the future.

David Pritchett  K1 105

Results June 2, 2019

Sailed: 6, Discards: 1, To count: 5, Entries: 10, Scoring system: Appendix A

Rank Fleet Boat Class SailNo Club HelmName CrewName Rating R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 Total Nett
1st K1 K1 117 Frensham Pond SC Hilly King 1070 3 1 (4) 2 1 1 12 8
2nd K1 K1 111 Broxbourne SC David Hume 1070 1 (4) 1 1 4 4 15 11
3rd K1 K1 73 Datchet Water SC Ian Duke 1070 2 3 2 (4) 3 2 16 12
4th K1 K1 115 Tewkesbury SC Geoff King 1070 (4) 2 3 3 2 3 17 13
5th K1 K1 14 Bartley SC Alan Birch 1070 (10) 7 7 5 6 5 40 30
6th K1 K1 105 Rutland Sailing Club David Pritchett 1070 (8) 8 8 6 5 6 41 33
7th K1 K1 146 Rutland SC Steve Conway 1070 7 6 (9) 7 7 8 44 35
8th K1 K1 20 Reading SC Bill Jubb 1070 6 5 5 (11 DNC) 11 DNC 11 DNC 49 38
9th K1 K1 8 Rutland Sailing Club Tony Abbey 1070 5 9 6 (11 RET) 11 DNC 11 DNC 53 42
10th K1 K1 122 Rutland Sailing Club Mike Morgan 1070 9 (10) 10 8 8 7 52 42

Sailwave Scoring Software 2.25.11




2019 K1/2 Open #5. Hayling Island Long Distance.

6th - 7th July 2019

Our first visit for an open hosted at Hayling Island. This is our annual long distance race, previously held on Winderemere and on the river Severn. This looks like an exciting location, and promises to be a fun race. Long Distance race on Saturday, Club racing on Sunday if you want to stay over! Our […]

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2019 K1/2 Open # 4 : Rutland Water

1st - 2nd June 2019

We return to Rutland Water, for another year, more gresat food and sailing…..

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2019 K1/2 Open #3. Teignmouth.

11th - 12th May 2019

An early season visit to the South, hopefully avoiding last years weed explosion! Mike Commander will be our host, and has promised some dredging, or higher tides!

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2019 K1/2 open # 2 South Windermere

6th - 7th April 2019, starting at 12:00pm

After the chills of Exmoor, we head to the balmy conditions of Lake Winderemere, a chance to visit the Lakes before the Easter rush! Training on Saturday, with a race, three races on Sunday. Three to count….. Usual hospitality in Lakeland pubs, join the local fleet of K1s, and a solitary local K2…… Host Mike […]

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2019 open # 1. Wimbleball & The Exmoor Beastie


23rd - 24th March 2019, starting at 11:00am

After the huge disappointment of last years cancellation due to weather*, we go back to Exmoor for a K1/2 open on Saturday and the Beastie on Sunday. Colin Allen and Tim Moss will be our local contacts…. Colin : 01823 666190 colinallen at talktalk.net Tim: 01278 652146 timmoss at uwclub.net     *Whats wrong with […]

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K1 Nationals : Torbay

K1 Nationals 2018

31st August - 2nd September 2018, starting at 2:00pm

Event Pictures are here Report Torbay’s 2018 K1 Nationals Does Not Disappoint The Royal Torbay Yacht Club played fantastic hosts for the K1 National Championships between August 31st and September 2nd. With helms and boats coming from far and wide people started arriving a day early to be greeted by blue skies, sunshine and a […]

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K1 Teignmouth Open

K! Teignmouth Open

7th - 8th July 2018, starting at 12:00pm

A PDF report of this event is here: K1 Traveller Event and Training_TCYC More photoss are here. Thanks to Mike Commander…..

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K1 Rutland Open

K1 Rutland Open

2nd - 3rd June 2018, starting at 12:00pm

For the Rutland events, winds were the commanding influence on the weekend. The winds were light on Saturday but picked up towards the end of the day.  No wind at all on Sunday and so racing was abandoned.  Only did three out of six scheduled races were completed, however competitors enjoyed Rutland’s hospitality on Saturday […]

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K1 Long Distance and Windermere K1 Open

K! Long distance and Windermere Open

19th - 20th May 2018, starting at 12:00pm

South Windermere welcomed the K1 community to it’s new £2.5M watersports centre, over the weekend of 19th / 20th May. The first open at the new facility went off well, with a boat tuning followed by a long distance race on Saturday, followed by three races around the cans on Sunday. The long distance rac […]

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Wimbleball Open and the Exmoor Beastie

Wimbleball Open and Exmoor Beastie

17th - 18th March 2018, starting at 10:00am

Wimbleball K1 open, Saturday 17th March. Details of entry process and start times to be announced. The Exmoor Beastie is an open pursuit race (3 hours for 1000 handicap boats) takes place on Sunday 19th March. Details of entry process and start times to be announced. Plenty of local accommodation and Motor home parking nearby. […]

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Dinghy Show 2018

K1 at Alexander Palace

3rd - 4th March 2018

The K1 association will be at the Dinghy Show at Alexander Palace. Come and say Hi, find out more about our fabulous dinghy and the association. Andy Snell, who has produced some amazing results in the 2017-18 Sail juice series, in his first outings in a K1 will be around to tell you what he […]

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Broxbourne K1 Open 2017 # 7

K1 Season Finale 2017

28th - 29th October 2017, starting at 10:00am

A brief report of the end of season K1 open at Broxbourne SC is now included on Yachts and Yachting online together with a few pix of the racing. http://www.yachtsandyachting.com/news/199335/K1s-at-Broxbourne In addition a video of the first race is now featured in Stuart Hutchinson’s section of You Tube and hopefully the videos of races two […]

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Datchet Water : The 2017 K1 Nationals and Open # 6

K1 Class Association Nationals 2017

8th - 10th September 2017, starting at 2:00pm

The K1 Nationals for 2017 will be held at Datchet Water, which is a great central location, so no excuses for not attending. Situated close to M4 / M25 /M3 it cannot be better connected, and plenty of hotel accommodation in the area. Details of the AGM (and the AGM supper!) are to follow. One […]

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Oxford K1 Open 2017 # 5

K1 Class Association Open 2017 # 5

15th - 16th July 2017, starting at 10:00am

A better day could not have been asked for, or delivered, by Oxford sailing clubm and it’s officers. The weather started a little damp as we set up, then dried for the event, and then the damp returned later on, so a bright day, out of direct sun, with reasonable winds through the day, not […]

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Rutland Water K1 Open 2017 # 4

K1 Class Association Open 2017 #4

3rd - 4th June 2017, starting at 2:00pm

A fine weekend greeted K1 sailors to Rutland, starting with a convivial steak evening on Friday. Saturday turned out to be one of those few summer days with plenty of sunshine and a good breeze. The first race had Alan Russell first at the windward mark following a good port end start. He was followed […]

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Windermere Long Distance K1 Open 2017 # 3

K1 Class Association Open 2017 # 3

13th - 14th May 2017, starting at 12:00pm

The K1 Long distance race took place on Windermere on Saturday May 13th, and four visitors traveled to the North West to compete with South Windermere Sailing Club’s locals, for a race from Fell Foot park around Rampholme Island and back, about half a lap of the lake. Conditions were ideal for the K1 fleet, […]

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Olton Mere K1 Open 2017 #2

K1 class Asociation Open 2017 # 2

15th - 16th April 2017, starting at 10:00am

The report from David Hume: Visitors from Broxbourne, Rutland and Tewkesbury enjoyed  easy trips to Olton Mere on motorways bereft of traffic on this Bank Holiday Saturday and were then made very welcome by their hosts. Unfortunately there was only one sailor from each visiting club. The Mere provides for a very peaceful, tree lined […]

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Teign Corinthian Open : 2017 # 1

K1 Class Associattion Open 2017 # 1

2nd - 3rd April 2017, starting at 10:00am

K1 Traveller Series – First Event in 2017 On April 2nd Teign Corinthian YC hosted the first of the K1 Traveller Series from their base on the River Teign in South Devon. The day was always going to be tricky for both the race officer and sailors alike. Beautiful blue skies and sunshine greeted the […]

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K1 open : Broxbourne

K1 Class Association open 2016 7/7

29th - 30th October 2016

The Pumpkin Trophy : Broxbourne, Saturday October 29th. Despite a dire forecast from Wind Guru, an enthusiastic group of competitors arrived at Broxbourne Sailing Club last Saturday to compete for the new Pumpkin trophy, generously donated by Jeff Vander-Bought of VanderCraft the K1 Class builder. The Broxbourne meeting was also to be the last event […]

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K1 Nationals 2016 : Lymington

K1 Class Association Nationals 2016 & open 6/7

23rd - 25th September 2016

The K1 Nationals, Lymington, Friday 23rd September – Sunday 25th September. The Royal Lymington Yacht Club hosted the 2016 K1 Sea National Championships over a 3 day long weekend of September 23-25, ably helped out by Lymington Town Sailing Club.  17 boats entered with two furthest travelled coming down from Windermere.  With a lively forecast […]

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2016 K1 Long distance event, Tewkesbury Sailing club

K1 Long distance race, 2016

23rd July - 24th June 2016

K1 open, poster Int 2.4, K1 open NOR Sailing instructions 2.4mR open1 Int 2.4, K1 open NOR There will be a barbie and a disco and the camping for tents and motor homes is free  The weekend is likely to be superb with great wind conditions.   Another chance to visit the river……. It’s a great […]

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K1 Inlands - Bala

K1 Class association inlands 2016 and open 5/7

9th - 10th July 2016

The K1 Inlands. Bala : Saturday July 9th – Sunday July 10th. Race report added below…… The Notice Of race is below, sailing instructions on the Bala SC web site … HERE Bala SC are also asking if we would like a meal on the Saturday night, it would appear that another class are having […]

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K1 Open - Lyme Regis

K1 Class Association Open 2016 4/7

11th - 12th June 2016

K1 Open, Saturday June 11 – Sunday June 12. New for 2016, our first visit to beautiful Lyme Regis. This is going to be a great event, run over two days, when the weather is kind, the sun warm, the wind just right, and South Coast hospitality at it’s best! Details of local accommodation and […]

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K1 Northerns - Windermere & Storrs Park Race

K1 Class Association open 2016 3/7

14th - 14th May 2016, starting at 12:00pm

K1 Northern Open : Windermere Saturday May 14th. A chance to come and visit one of the K1’s largest fleets, and a great chance to visit the Lakes. The K1 northern will be three races, starting at 12:00. Storrs Park Race : Sunday 15th May. Anyone taking part in the Northerns, will be welcome to stay […]

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K1 Open at Carsington Sailing Club

K1 Class association Open 2016 2/7

16th - 17th April 2016

Carsington K1 Open, Saturday 16th April. Those sailors that looked at the weather forecast midweek and saw likely snowfalls at Carsington missed some champagne sailing on Saturday April 16th. For the intrepid few that made the trip to the lower Derbyshire dales they were rewarded with blue sky and sunshine on Saturday morning, albeit with […]

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K1 Open & Exmoor Beastie At Wimbleball Sailing Club

K1 Class Association open 2016 1/7

19th - 20th March 2016

Wimbleball K1 Open, Saturday 19th March. A great time was had by all….. Many thanks to Wimbleball, and to our host, Mike Green…. I’ve attached a report on the racing….. In the past three years we have had some splendid racing here with good wind and bracing conditions. The weekend is extended by joining in the Exmoor […]

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K1 Nationals, Cardiff Bay Yacht Club

K1 Class Association National Open 2015 8/8

25th - 27th September 2015, starting at 12:00am

I have added Mike Commanders report from the Nationals as a file below.     Our third sea based Nationals, this looks like being a very exciting weekend, in a stunning location. First race will be Friday 25th, starting no earlier than 15:00. Two races to be held on Friday, four on Saturday, and two […]

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K1 Open :The Lord Birkett; Ullswater Yacht Club

K1 Class Association Open 2015 5/8

4th - 5th July 2015, starting at 1:00pm

The Lord Birkett is a two day event, on Ullswater, open to all classes of dinghy. Two races, one each day, will be, wind permitting, a circuit of Ullswater. This is a classic race for dinghies, and a well attended event. Expect a start line the whole width of the lake, and 200+ starters…… There […]

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K1 Inland Nationals, Rutland Water

K1 Class Association Inland Nationals 2015. Open 5/8

20th - 21st June 2015

A RACE OF TWO HALVES For those turning up the practice day the conditions were perfect, whether it was for preparing new boats or new sails, or simply to become accustomed to the lake conditions, the sunshine & steady F1-2 were ideal. The conditions for the nineteen competitors, from as far afield as Somerset, Sussex […]

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K1 Open at Broxbourne

K1 Class Association Open 2015 4/8

6th - 7th June 2015

Broxbourne Report from David Hume: Saturday saw sunshine blue skies and a shifty 3-4 westerly, together with some spicy gusts of 25 mph plus. We welcomed a new member to the K1 fold, Gordon Harris had picked his new Billy Ruffian -115-on the previous Thursday, so this was a first  K1 event for both the […]

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K1 Open & Exmoor Beastie At Wimbleball Sailing Club

K1 Class Association Open 2015 1/8

21st - 22nd March 2015, starting at 10:00am

In the past two years we have had some splendid racing here with good wind and bracing conditions. The weekend is extended by joining in the Exmoor Beastie on the Sunday, a prolonged pursuit race for all classes which was won last year by a K1. Exmoor Beastie ( 3 hour pursuit ) Sun 22nd March, starting […]

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