Rutland Water K1 Open 2017 # 4

K1 Class Association Open 2017 #4

3rd - 4th June 2017, starting at 2:00pm

A fine weekend greeted K1 sailors to Rutland, starting with a convivial steak evening on Friday.
Saturday turned out to be one of those few summer days with plenty of sunshine and a good breeze.
The first race had Alan Russell first at the windward mark following a good port end start. He was followed by David Hume whose superior boat speed saw him pass Alan on the reach. They were followed by Don Spencer and David Pritchett, which is how the order remained for the duration.
In the second Saturday race, it was David Hume who led at the windward mark and remained in first place thereafter. Alan followed closely on his heels, again stretching out from Don and David Pritchett. Unfortunately, The leading David missed the finishing line, allowing Alan to sneak into second place.
The wind and sun remained for the last race of the day and again it was David Hume who led the field throughout, but finding the finishing gate this time. He was followed by Alan and David Pritchett managed to beat Don to the finish line.
In the evening we joined the Flying Fifteens in an Indian buffet to celebrate 70 years of Flying Fifteen sailing.
On day two the wind had strengthen and we were joined by Jeff Vanderbroght who led the way in the first race after a good start, followed by David Hume and Alan, then David Pritchett and Don. The second race saw an increasing wind and David Hume managed to pass Jeff to gain another first, leaving the next three places to Alan, Don and Ian Kline. The last race had a strong force 5 which caused minor damage and hence some retirements but David caught well in the conditions and kept Jeff behind him to gain yet another first.
The whole weekend was shared with Flying Fifteens, which worked well for both fleets. To reduce waiting times between races the Fifteens normally had one more lap than the K1s.
The final results were
1st David Hume.            Broxbourne SC
2nd Alan Russell.            Rutland SC
3rdDon Spencer.            Ogston SC
4thDavid Pritchett.          Rutland SC
5th Jeff Vanderbroght
6th Mike Morgan.            Rutland SC
7th Tony Abbey.            Rutland SC
8th Ian Klyne.                Ratchet Water SC
9th David Baggett.        Rutland SC
Thanks are due to the team at Rutland who provided excellent courses, catering , and of course, weather,


Rutland NOR 2017

The K1 open series returns to beautiful Rutland Water, where the venue and the sailing are nigh on perfect.

Our host at Rutland Water is Alan Russel, and he’s determined that we will have a great time, given the nature of recent visits, our expectations are high : not only have we had great sailing here in the past, but also great food and great company. Rutland has a great variety of accommodation available, details on the club website.

Contact Alan for any further insight into the event.

alanrussell13 at

status : Confirmed