Olton Mere K1 Open 2017 #2

K1 class Asociation Open 2017 # 2

15th - 16th April 2017, starting at 10:00am

The report from David Hume:

Visitors from Broxbourne, Rutland and Tewkesbury enjoyed  easy trips to Olton Mere on motorways bereft of traffic on this Bank Holiday Saturday and were then made very welcome by their hosts. Unfortunately there was only one sailor from each visiting club. The Mere provides for a very peaceful, tree lined and attractive setting, dog walkers, fishermen, a heronry and even a fox sauntered up the clubhouse path during the lunchtime break. All this a stone’s throw from central Solihull.

For the first race the OOD set a course that made best use of the north westerly that blew, for the most part, diagonally down the length of the mere. David Hume K1-111 quickly worked his way in a healthy lead by sailing below the wind shadow of the trees, only to look back and watch Grant Brown K1-60 hitch on his own private escalator direct to the windward mark.  The race was on and these two fought hard throughout the race, leaving David Pritchett K1-105 in their wake. K1-111 eventually broke through by sailing low and fast below K1-60 on a downwind leg and then refused to surrender that lead. K1-105 subsequently retired.

 The weather conditions were much warmer than forcast, so by the lunch break the wind had become fickle and quite gusty and also had backed towards the west, so virtually across the width of the Mere. The OOD changed the course to provide three shorter windward legs across the mere direct towards the tree line. The second race was won comfortably by K1-60, followed by K1-111 and then K1-60. The first windward leg was particularly challenging in that it provided for the normal zig zag to windward, but in this case all on port tack through 90 deg shifts. If luck was with you it was only necessary to flip onto starboard a few lengths from the mark. Grant was clearly the master of these conditions.

 The third race was also completely controlled by K1-60 and despite best efforts K1-111 could only close to within 60 meters at the finish with K1-105 a short distance further behind.

 Our K1 class Chairman officiated at the prize giving, Easter Eggs and wine for all and the Midland trophy to a well deserving Grant Brown, who in his speech of thanks to the Olton Mere team, commented on how much he had enjoyed his day, the mere being wider than his tree lined river down at Tewkesbury. David Pritchett remained bemused, which is probably the best euphemism to describe his demeanour after this days sailing. He was certainly looking forward to returning to  the broad expanses of Rutland  Water.

 1st Grant Brown

2nd David Hume

3rd David Pritchett



The Midland Area Trophy venue for this year returns to it’s origins, Olton Mere. This is an interesting venue, and will make for some great tactical sailing.

Home club for Peter and Matt French, we are sure of a very warm welcome.

It’s a very central location, so there’s no excuse for not attending!

Details of social / accommodation from Peter French.

PeterWFrench at hotmail.com

Status: final

K1 Notice of Race – Olton Mere 2017