K1 Open at Broxbourne

K1 Class Association Open 2015 4/8

6th - 7th June 2015

Broxbourne Report from David Hume:

Saturday saw sunshine blue skies and a shifty 3-4 westerly, together with some spicy gusts of 25 mph plus. We welcomed a new member to the K1 fold, Gordon Harris had picked his new Billy Ruffian -115-on the previous Thursday, so this was a first  K1 event for both the boat and helm.

Race One saw David and Alf have a protracted race long tussle, with David just edging the windward work sufficient to hold out to the finish. Julian had rig problem which required his delay whilst he sort out the jib outhaul and John retired rather than let the conditions get the better of him. Roy also retired after the race with a sprained back.

Race Two provided much amusement to the remainder of the fleet, particularly Julian, as David snagged a mooring line at the start and did not retract himself until the others were on the third leg of the course. Alf maintained control but it was close throughout with Julian and Gordon in close attendance. David was making progress throughout and eventually was about 50 metres behind the fleet at the finish.

Race Three Alf bossed this one, he and David had a real battle and slowly pulled away from Julian and Gordon. So a win by a few boat lengths for Alf, who was a well deserved leader of the event at the end of first day. Four tired K1 sailors retired to the bar to reflect on a most enjoyable day and then were joined by John to sit down to an excellent roast dinner provided by the club and of course more beer.

Sunday saw more sunshine and blue skies and a much lighter breeze from the north west some of the time. In these conditions it was likely that the K1’s would catch up with the rump of the Flying 15 fleet and this turned out to be the case. So one had to be both nimble upwind and take care not to have what little breeze that was available downwind smothered by those Fifteen spinnakers.

Race Four saw the welcome return to the line of John who was relishing these flukey conditions on his home water. This was going to be ‘heads up’ racing  trying to detect from which direction the next puff would arrive. At one stage  David had worked out a good lead of a few hundred yards, with Alf, Gordon and Julian all vying for second place, David then sailed into a windless void and by the next mark the race had started again and soon Gordon was ahead at the end of the next reach. David managed to regain the lead and maintain this to the finish, whilst Gordon continued to threaten with mercurial downwind skills. Alf and Julian had their own battles, whilst John brought up the rear.

 Race Five saw David pop into an early lead but Julian was in close attendence, so it was nip and tuck for a few legs. On a downwind leg a Fifteen gybed onto David’s wind and Julian scooted through to the lead. Julian was really enjoying this and was sailing well. David managed to squeeze back in front  again, but had to work hard to hold back Julian, who was never more than a few boat lengths away. But this was ‘heads up’ sailing and David just managed to cross in front of a line of starboard reaching Fifteens on another leg of the course. By the time Julian had sorted this one out David was well down the next leg of the course. You can guess who was laughing this time and sailing should be fun.

 So that was Broxbourne 2015 an enjoyable event much sunshine and variable, if challenging conditions, and Gordon was delighted with his new boat. The K1 Compass, first awarded at Datchet, is retained by the Humes for another year.

A number of videos from the event can be found here: