K1 Long Distance and Windermere K1 Open

K! Long distance and Windermere Open

19th - 20th May 2018, starting at 12:00pm

South Windermere welcomed the K1 community to it’s new £2.5M watersports centre, over the weekend of 19th / 20th May.

The first open at the new facility went off well, with a boat tuning followed by a long distance race on Saturday, followed by three races around the cans on Sunday.

The long distance rac e was close fought at the front, with Andy Snell making a great start, closely followed by Jack Thompson (SWSC). Mike Deane (SWSC) made a popor start and made efforts to catch up during the short windward leg. t the first mark Snell rounded first, closely followed by Thompson, he was followed be Deane, Andy Ritchie, Dave Pritchett, Grant Brown, Gavin Brown, and SWSC regulars, Mervyn Hallworth and Paul Higgins.

After the windward mark, Deane soon passed Thompson, and set about chasing Snell, setting the stage for a pursuit that would last the rest of the race. Being the K1 long distance race, the downwind leg was to a mark off the Windermere Motorboat Racing Club, about half way along Windermere. Snell rounded the mark first, with Deane closing, maybe helpd by local knowledge of where the winds would favour him. There then followed what Deane called relentless pursuit, and Snell felt was just staying happily in front, playing the wind shifts. A match that was greatly enjoyed, but although Deane got close a few time, he never managed to take the lead, Snell winning by just over a minute.

The rest of the fleet had dropped back, and came in quite tightly bunched, Brown claiming third, followed by CLarke, Rithcie, Thompson, Pritchett, Higgins and Hallworth.

A great day followed by a fine supper in the new Watersports Centre.

Sunday brought three races, mostly following Saturday’s form, although Deane worked hard on his starts, Snell was consistent, making good starts, and leading each race by the first mark, and leading onwards to win each race, a clean sweep for Snell, a man the K1 community is watching and learning from (when we get close enough!).Overall results from the weekend (the K1 Northern) : First Andy Snell, Second Mike Deane, Third Jack Thompson, followed by Gavin Clarke, Andy Ritchie, Dave P{ritchett, Paul HJiggins, Mervyn Hallworth, Gavcin Brown and Jeff Vander Brought.

Huge thanks to Jeff for providing advice and guidance on tuning and tweaking the boats, and to Andy Snell for new ideas. Andy plans next year’s long distance race at Hayling. To be confirmed.