Datchet Water : The 2017 K1 Nationals and Open # 6

K1 Class Association Nationals 2017

8th - 10th September 2017, starting at 2:00pm

The K1 Nationals for 2017 will be held at Datchet Water, which is a great central location, so no excuses for not attending. Situated close to M4 / M25 /M3 it cannot be better connected, and plenty of hotel accommodation in the area.

Details of the AGM (and the AGM supper!) are to follow.

One interesting thought, if Motorhomers want to stay on site, it can be arranged, but we will need to pay for overnight security. This is fixed at £120 per night – if we have one motorhome it’s pricey. but between 6 it isn’t – so this is one we need to plan ahead on. (There are other sites around, but it would be great to be on site, I’m up  for it!)

We will be sharing the weekend racing with Flying Fifteens and Wayfarers (They might also want to motorhome…)

Full details to follow, but get the dates in your diary!

Local contact is  Mike Beckett : mike at beckettfamily.me.uk