2016 K1 Long distance event, Tewkesbury Sailing club

K1 Long distance race, 2016

23rd July - 24th June 2016

K1 open, poster

Int 2.4, K1 open NOR

Sailing instructions 2.4mR open1 Int 2.4, K1 open NOR

There will be a barbie and a disco and the camping for tents and motor homes

is free

 The weekend is likely to be superb with great wind conditions.


Another chance to visit the river……. It’s a great venue, a great event, and good sailing, although some short tacking is often involved.

The 2016 K1 Long Distance Race will take place at Tewkesbury Sailing Club over the weekend of the 23rd and 24th of July. Full details are to follow. It is likely that the long distance will be scheduled for Saturday 23rd, and another event for Sunday 24th.

Plenty of room at Tewkesbury SC for tents and motorhomes.

Event co-ordinator is Grant Brown : gvbrown @ sky.com

This event will not form part of the K1 open series. Don’t let that put you off, it’s a fabulous location.