The K1 Association is run by a committee of keen and friendly K1 Sailors. Find out who they are and what they do below.

Class Secretary

At the moment the Class Secretary and the membership secretary are one and the same. Basically the Secretary is responsible for taking and publishing the minutes of all meetings, communicating all committee decisions to the membership and keeping the membership informed of all developments where applicable. Part of the role is also to ensure that the committee are appraised of what they are obliged to comply with and that the constitution is adhered too and communicating with external suppliers on behalf of the class. One could say that in many ways part of the function is a post box both incoming and outgoing.

The membership part involves communication with all members and prospective members, although very often new member’s first contact is with the treasurer. At the moment the secretary also shares the administration of the Big Tent forum but this is likely to change when the class web site is launched.

Apart from this the Secretary is a member of the committee and share the responsibility for running the administration of the class with all other committee members.

Class Treasurer

Class Treasurer

Results Secretary

Whilst the Chairman of the Association takes care of organising the events calendar, it is the function of the Results Secretary to facilitate the events, and most importantly, collate the results from each event, and provide scores for the series.

The Results Secretary will gather the logistical details for each event, and get them published on the web site, so everyone knows what the plans for each event are.

The Results Secretary will also provide a liaison between the local event organiser and the committee, and do their best to get a news article written, giving the flavour of the event, which is much more important than the bare results.

Mike Deane

Mike Deane

I learnt to sail in a Mirror, from about age 7, at the Lizard, in Cornwall. For the most Southerly village in the UK, it is, surprisingly, the windiest place in mainland Great Britain. It also has some pretty good tides...

I graduated to Ocean Youth Club ketches (72 foot) via Sea Scouts, and spent many happy summers as a second mate, mostly on Falmouth Packet. I now live in the Lake District, and sail at South Windermere SC, where we have a fleet of 6 K1s, which I'm really pleased about.

I look forward to welcoming K1 sailors at the Windermere Open in May.

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